Christian Cowgirl Poetry: Modern Riffs & Reflections On Christian Horsemanship
From "About CCP": I started horseback riding late in life — half whim, half wish to outrun the stuff that catches up to you when you reach “a certain age.” I’m a raging Commitment Phobic but somehow I’ve found myself captivated by the essence of all things equine. Hence, this blog on what I’m learning about my truest self — and God — in the company of horses. In 2013, I became the guardian and traveling companion of a 19- year-old Appendix Quarter Horse whose registered name is Hot Sonny Dee, but whose barn name, Hook, reflects my inmost passion. Truly, I am “hooked” on his wild heart, his innate gifts and power, and his heritage of freedom, which has set me on a quest to discover and claim these same things for myself, through the Spirit of Christ, my Savior, who from the beginning created all for His glory. It's my fervent prayer that these stories, poems, and reflections will illuminate a path to Christ-centered horsemanship and bless you, your horses, homes, and barns, with peace, joy, courage, freedom, and wisdom for the journey. Simply go to the CCP REFLECTIONS page here to read the archived posts from the Christian Cowgirl Poetry blog. Happy Reading!