I'm pleased and humbled to announce that my "God project" book, FARMING & HOMESTEADING WITH THE SAINTS, is under contract for publication with LOYOLA PRESS, one of the world's largest Catholic publishers (pub date August 2023, yes, the wheels grind slowly in publishing)! 

Farming & Homesteading with the Saints  is a treasury of divine help and inspiration for farmers, farm families, and modern homesteaders, and highlights 205 Saints of the Catholic Church who have a special connection to one or more of over 100 aspects of farming—from haymaking to weather events to mad cow disease to the patronage of farm animals and more. Their abbreviated life stories are testimonies to the power of faith and perseverance to overcome what may seem like impossible odds (and today's farmers are up against many). Traditional prayers and Bible verses as well as assorted blessings from the Roman Ritual round out the text to provide sources of both solace and celebration—particularly to rural families where a shortage of church- and community-based support exists.

What started as a God whisper in a church pew ("Write this:") to a year and 328 pages later, I'm so happy that this book was picked up by LOYOLA PRESS and will minister to America's hardworking farmers and farm families--on whom we rely to feed our own.  Don't forget to pray for and thank a farmer today. 💚




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St. Isidore The Farmer, Patron Saint of Farmers