The Legacy of Ruby Sanchez

Coming soon! An award-winning, neo-gothic historical romance  in the timeless tradition of Victoria Holt. 

1837. The Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. The wrecking ground for the Esmeralda, a trading vessel under the command of Captain Clayton Carlisle. Gabriella Montez has stolen passage aboard this ship from her home port of Málaga, Spain, in a desperate attempt to fulfill a deathbed promise she'd made to seek “the legacy” of her great-grandmother, Ruby Sanchez. The secret to this legacy is contained in a cryptic map hidden inside an heirloom cross. When the Esmeralda shipwrecks, Gabriella is rescued by Ian Patrick McCabe, the enigmatic light keeper and the eldest of the McCabe clan, which includes four contentious sisters. With no passage available to the mainland until spring, she becomes a reluctant guest on the mysterious and ill-fated shores of Star Island for the rest of the winter...

The Legacy of Ruby Sanchez was nationally recognized as a top-two FaithWords finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers' Genesis competition. It is scheduled for publication in April 2021. More news and updates to come!