When the young wife of an ambitious preacher falls in with a band of homeless veterans while working at a city soup kitchen, she risks all to explore her mysterious attraction to a damaged Vietnam vet 
who threatens to unravel her well planned life...

Helen Baldwin was raised in one of the poorest regions of southern Appalachia. When her ambitious husband is sent to plant a church in a NJ city, she accepts a job at the local soup kitchen where she finds a sense of place among the soup kitchen’s homeless guests. Helen’s growing attraction to an enigmatic Vietnam veteran sets the stage for Helen’s struggle to discern between light and darkness – and leads her to embark upon a journey that will force her to confront her own demons from the past. Incognito appearances in the soup kitchen by St. Francis of Assisi (the narrator), St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and other renown friends of God, turn Saints in the City into a mystical, romantic, and provocative story that explores the mysterious veil between Heaven and earth.

Praise for SIC: Triple Finalist, 2009 Indie Book Awards (Romance, Religious Fiction, Social Change). 2009 PRODBRAM award: Best Religious Fiction With Universal Appeal.  "Saints in the City" is a fine Christian novel of faith, love, and sainthood."  ~Midwest Book Review


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